General information

  • Existence since 1992.
  • Recognized by the City of Dorval.
  • Managed by an elected Parents Committee.
  • High quality programming of activities.
  • Bilingual co-ed program.
  • Competent and caring staff.

The Camp

For boys and girls from 5 (kindergarten completed) to 12 years old, Dorval Day Camp offers new and exciting activities in a stimulating environment.


The monitor/child ratio meets the norms of the Quebec Association of Camps.

Our Mission

Dorval Day Camp is a non-profit community organization whose objective is to provide a safe, enriching and fun-filled environment for the children. We endeavor to maintain open communication among the Camp’s Administration, Personnel, its Family members and the City of Dorval.

We encourage mutual respect throughout the different age groups, genders and cultures. The staff endeavor to provide the campers with an enjoyable experience with emphasis on stimulating their social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and creative development. The Camp aims to develop a beneficial environment for the children while maintaining open dialogue amongst the children, their parents and the staffs. This is being achieved through mutual cooperation from everybody.