To apply, please send your CV as well as our DDC Job Application form (see section “Forms & Downloads” on our website) by e-mail to campdejourdorval@gmail.com or drop off your printed copies at the reception desk of the Sarto-Desnoyers Community Center.

Director – GRUNGY

Supervisor – HERSHEY

Companion Coordinator – PEE-WEE

Day Care Companion – PEARL

Animator 8/9s – PAPRIKA

Animator 7/8s – NEMO

Day Care Animator – POLO

Day Care Animator – RODEO

Companion – NALA

Companion – KAYAK

Day Care Animator – JAZZ

Day Care Companion – GIZMO

Day Care Companion – GAZOU

Animator 5/6s – DISCO

Animator 7/8s – CHEDDAR

Day Care Animator – BREEZY

Animator 5/6s – BOLT

Animator 5/6s – BLOSSOM

Companion – BAMBOO

Day Care Animator – YODA

Animator 10-12s – TUBTUBS

Animator 10-12s – TACO

Day Care Companion – SUSHI

Companion – SULLY

Day Care Animator – SPLASHY

Companion – SKIPPER

Animator 8/9s – ASTRO